Final Project


The site will consist of a combination of previous exercises and some new stuff, all put together in a single, unified site. The HTML for all needs to semantic, and correctly written. The CSS will consist of a single sheet for the overall layout and design, with subsidiary sheets applied as necessary.

All pages need to be at least linked to your front (home) page. You can develop the site navigation however you wish, but it needs to be fairly intuitive (no hidden corners). All anchors, links, tec. should be relative. The entire site will be turned in, and should work wherever.

Make use of the capabilities of CSS, especially a reset sheet, web fonts, typographical niceties. Making the site at least minimally responsive is a bonus.

To Be Included

  1. Layout project
    • 3 pages, same layout
    • one each using floats, flex and grids
  2. List project
    1. two different horizontal nav lists
    2. two different vertical nav lists
    3. ordered list
    4. definition list
  3. Tables
    • three different tables, styled appropriately
  4. Image comparison
    • a bitmap and a vector image, compressed as jpg, gif png, with the vector also as an svg
    • note the file size on each