This portion of the site contains information on photography. More specifically, it contains information on wet process black and white photography. Analog, that is.

thistle 18
Thistle 18, 2014

Analog photography is not dead. Far from it. Despite a nearly complete adaptation of commercial photography to digital, analog photography remains a vital and thriving medium. Don't get me wrong, I think digital is fine and well. However, I do believe that analog is where one learns the craft of photography. Pretty much everyone I have met who is involved with photography admits (or professes) that wet process teaches you how to make photographs. When you take that knowledge and apply it to digital, then it makes sense.

Regardless of that argument, this portion of the site is intended to both preserve and extend the craft, the artisanship, of making photographs. The site is divided into four main categories: Conceive, thoughts on why to make a photograph; Expose, which covers cameras, film, and exposure; Print, dealing with actually making prints; and Present, dealing with the final product. Additional areas are Alt, or alternative processes, and Tech, which is an area with charts, tables, and such.

This is a compendium of some 30 years of making images. Where it is possible I've included attributions. Some things have simply become muscle memory. There are so many sources, and simple experience as well, that it becomes difficult to attribute. I've included a bibliography and source list as well. Thanks to all and each who practice the craft, and share their knowledge and experience (or even questions) with others.