Other Materials

These are some other supplies for presentation that may or may not be needed, depending on the exact application.


Several tapes may be used. The first is gummed linen tape. This is used for mounting work to the backing board, as an alternative to dry mounting. It is acid free.

Another acid-free tape is self-adhesive linen. This tape may also be called hinging tape (which it is great for). It can ve used as an alternative to gummed for hinging smaller work, and for hinging mats when pieces are presented in a portfolio.

A third tape is frame sealing tape, which is used to solidify the barrier created with the frame package. This self-adhesive tape seals the back of the frame, and does not come into contact with the work.


Only two types of wire should be used for hanging: braided picture wire, or stainless framer's wire. Use wire that is rated heavier than you need. String, cord, and fishing line are not at all suitable. Picture wire is made for the task. There is a clear option available, if the need arises.


The OOK professional picture hangers are a personal recommendation. These hangers work very well in both drywall and plaster, with cracking the plaster. There are other hangers out there, but I feel these are the best.