ART202 exercises

spring 2019

These exercises may change. Watch for any notes that an exercise has been updated.

These are the exercises for the course. As the course progresses, you will learn more, and be able to do more. Always keep in mind that this stuff is cumulative. Parameters are given for each assignment, but keep in mind that they are the minimum.

As we go through the semester, elements, processes, and techniques will be assumed to be learned, and should be applied. a new assignment does not preclude anything that was learned before. You should get better, and more complete in your approach as we go along. Look for ways to impress yourself with the utter coolness of what you made.

  1. Set-Up
  2. Markup
  3. Structure, and Some CSS
  4. Flexibility
  5. Imaging Comparison
  6. Typography 1
  7. Lists
  8. Tables
  9. Layout 2